£14 instead of £60 for a full chiropractic assessment and one adjustment treatment at Imperial Health, Richmond, £26 to include two adjustment treatments – save up to 77%

Chiropractic Assessment – 1 Or 2 Treatments – Richmond

Chiropractor: See a registered professional chiropractor and get a full chiropractic assessment. Relieve aches: Choose to have a range of aches looked into before receiving your choice of one or two adjustment treatments. Manual adjustments: The treatments involve the chiropractor using soft tissue massage techniques on the relevant joints – this is not massage in the ‘traditional’ sense! Alignment: Allow your body to distribute weight evenly and position itself in its natural and pain-free posture. Perfect for: Beginning to treat problems such as unbalanced posture, back ache, neck ache, pain or sports injury. Valid: Valid Mon-Fri 7am-8pm and Sat 9am-2pm at Imperial Health Wellness Clinic, Richmond.

Store Price: £ 60.00

Offer Price: £ 14.00

Valid from: 2020/08/13 Valid to: 2021/01/31



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