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The BodyTrain 3000SP Motorised Folding Treadmill is a space-saving and stable running machine. It is a very high-quality piece of home fitness equipment and features a powerful “permanent magnet motor” and a joint-friendly 4-zone damping system.Training motivation is sure to be increased by the pulse rate controlled training and 12 pre-installed training programs. You can record the workouts via the APP & share it with friends or family as needed. You won’t get bored either while working out thanks to the phone/tablet holder and inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. Hydraulic folding mechanism The hydraulic folding mechanism lowers the running board slowly and in a controlled manner when opened, this offers more safety for families with children and/or animals. It also makes picking the bed up a lot easier which is good for elder or less able users. Thanks to the transport rollers, you can easily move the treadmill from A to B and stow it in almost any corner. LCD screen with mobile phone/tablet

Merchant: UK Sport Imports Ltd

Category: Fitness Equipment

Brand: BodyTrain

BodyTrain 3000SP Motorised Folding Treadmill

Price: £299.95

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